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Well, little Alice finally arrived on January 11th! She weighed in at 7 lbs and 2 oz.

It was quite the event to say the least. Daire and I were sitting at home eating a massive steak dinner after two days of contractions. The around half nine at night it all started to kick off.By the time we got to the hospital at 10pm I was 4cm.

We got to our room and I was trying everything to keep the back pain away. Eventually I got some diamorphine. Well. That was some good stuff! So roll on forward to 8am when I finally hit 10cm... and the contractions stopped. We were both exhausted by this point. After two hours of no contractions they put me on a drip to get them started again.

I'll spare most of the gory details.

The contractions started up pretty fierce just as they decided I had to have an epidural and forceps delivery. Although this whole process, from epidural to birth, lasted only 15 minutes it felt like a lifetime.

I'm glad I had Daire there by my side. I know it was really tough for him towards the end, seeing me like that but he did amazing. His reward? He got to hold her first!

January is already my favourite month of the year 2014.

Having her here, finally, has been amazing. Expect more from me soon :)


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