October 2013 Instagram

Surprise, surprise. I'm behind on my blog. I'm creating a baby, that's my excuse.

October marked my last bike ride, Daire's birthday and some baby room painting.

Baby Alice now has her teal wall.

Daire made out quite well with his birthday this year... Barbour coat and new Macbook. So spoiled.

The animals are all doing well, despite the lack of walks. I think the pups are especially delighted to see the fire lit.


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Quick News

Jan 1st, 2013 - Happy New Year everyone!
Dec 26th, 2013 - Still no arrival of Baby Alice.
Oct 19th, 2013 - Daire's Birthday and we hit 30 weeks!
Aug 15th, 2013 - Off to Dublin with the pups!
Aug 14th, 2013 - Three year wedding anniversary!
Aug 10th, 2013 - We've hit the halfway point! 20 weeks to go!
- Also, 10 days left until it's back to work :(
Aug 1st, 2013 - Baby Alice is due on December 28th!



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