Halfway There!

On Saturday, we hit the halfway point! 20 more weeks of this, lol. It's also the first time in 20 weeks I didn't feel like I needed a nap to make it through the day. She's also started to move like crazy. It feels like a sea creature swimming beneath my belly button.

We've started doing a massive clean and clear out of all the 'stuff we've been meaning to do' for about the last year. This also includes a bunch of 'cramming my crap into another room' to make a baby room. Some people call this nesting for short.

We have a very small bedroom directly across the hall from our bedroom and we've been using it as a closet. It's the only other room in the house with carpeting though and with our winters and how cold this house gets, it makes the most sense. Daire is increasingly panicking that she's going to freeze to death. We're hoping for Irish blood and Native American skin, lol. We also made our very first baby purchase. Her blanket for her bed. This doesn't even give you a clue as to what her room will look like either :)

So I spent most of the day cleaning the kitchen end of the house, while Daire was painting furniture. We're on a painting furniture kick. We had a wooden coffee station in our kitchen and it was pretty horrible looking. It's less offensive to my eyes with paint on it. Which was cheaper than replacing it. So now we just need to sort out some shelves for above it. We've also had to paint our dining room table for reasons we do not discuss :P So that is halfway done now. Thank god Daire can paint, bc I should never be allowed near a paintbrush. Ask my Mom about the time I begged to paint my room. Not only did I think a bright glossy yellow would be great with the Florida sun, but I spent about 4 months painting it and went through 3 times the amount of paint I needed. She probably thought I was snacking on it.

So there the are. Coffee station on the left with our amazing and well worth it Gaggia. The blue on the dining room table looks a bit brighter than it is. The window in that room gets a lot of light during the day.


Also, if you ever want to know what the reality of having pets is, ask to come for a visit. I'll give you a dose of cats and dogs. No, cats are not easier. Get a hairless cat. That's easier.

The cats stuff is kept in the room off the kitchen, where our (so far unused) office is. It's at the end of the house we can block the dogs out of. Cole still tries to play with them and doesn't realise they have no interest. It's also the room near the back door for easy kitty litter cleaning. Not that I have to do that again for quite some time (love you baby!). I had to vacuum the curtains. I then brushed them both because I couldn't believe the amount of hair. I'm determined to use that room this year, for the sanity of my spine.

MoMo is always really smug when his room has been cleaned.

Right, we are off to look at some antique shops. I'll leave you with the depressing photo of the orchid I broke. Yup, I'm an ass.


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