Firsts: Paris

The first week of April, we were off to paris for a long weekend. It was amazing. Simply amazing.

The food was fantastic, the wine even more so. There were stalls lining the streets selling fresh bread every morning. Seafood and meat stalls. Everywhere we went, they would try talk to you whether they knew English or not (luckily, my Husband still remembers his French!).

 It was so incredibly relaxing. The room was perfect. We even slept with the windows open the entire time.

 All of that being said, I came down with a cold during the flight over. Yey! So I was incredibly sick the entire time, but I dragged myself out of bed everyday. Unfortunately, watery eyes and coughing will leave you with very few photos.

 I guess we'll just have to go back again :)


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Quick News

Jan 1st, 2013 - Happy New Year everyone!
Dec 26th, 2013 - Still no arrival of Baby Alice.
Oct 19th, 2013 - Daire's Birthday and we hit 30 weeks!
Aug 15th, 2013 - Off to Dublin with the pups!
Aug 14th, 2013 - Three year wedding anniversary!
Aug 10th, 2013 - We've hit the halfway point! 20 weeks to go!
- Also, 10 days left until it's back to work :(
Aug 1st, 2013 - Baby Alice is due on December 28th!



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