Growth and Change

I can feel Spring around the corner. I planted tomatoes. They're quite a bit bigger than pictured above. I'm not sure when I went from killing plants to having such a green thumb, but I like it. When you spend nearly half your life working with and on computers, you sometimes feel like you just need to get back to basics. Sometimes you have to realise that this is just a job and none of these people are worth your health. There's far too much going on with us outside of work to let it bring us down. Things are good and will continue to be good. You live and you learn. We have another 5 days of work and then we're off for two weeks. Two.whole.weeks. I love Easter. I don't think the weather will be nice enough for any real gardening. Besides, the last time I tried to bring my herbs back outside for a little sun we ended up with snow that night. Towards the end of the two weeks, we're off to Paris! I absolutely can't wait. I'm hoping the weather is decent enough for some photos. This pointless post has been brought to you by my brain that never sleeps. This is also an attempt to fall back in love with my camera, my time and my interests.



Quick News

Jan 1st, 2013 - Happy New Year everyone!
Dec 26th, 2013 - Still no arrival of Baby Alice.
Oct 19th, 2013 - Daire's Birthday and we hit 30 weeks!
Aug 15th, 2013 - Off to Dublin with the pups!
Aug 14th, 2013 - Three year wedding anniversary!
Aug 10th, 2013 - We've hit the halfway point! 20 weeks to go!
- Also, 10 days left until it's back to work :(
Aug 1st, 2013 - Baby Alice is due on December 28th!



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